Lauren Nicholson Teaches Conditioning and Aftercare

Lauren Nicholson opens her barn doors to show you the secrets in keeping top performance horses healthy and in shape.

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Lauren Nicholson


Lauren Nicholson is a nationally recognized Three Day Olympian and former leading rider in the Rolex Kentucky Three Day Event CCI. Today she’s sharing with you her daily routine that keeps her top performance horses healthy and in shape. Learn how to set goals, create a fitness program that works for you and your horse, and be prepared like never before for your next competition. 

What you'll learn

  • How to start a fitness program for your horse 
  • Tack and Equipment used in eventing 
  • What defines a performance horse 
  • Warming up 
  • Cool down and aftercare 
  • Different therapies and how to choose the right one 
  • Preparing for competition 
  • What to expect when arriving at your first show


  • Familiarity with basic horsemanship
  • Interest in competing in equestrian sports ‍


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